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    Question Unanswered: what is the use of listener on the db server??

    i v single machine. Oracle 9i installed on my Windows box.

    i have 2 databases. temp1 created thru dbca
    and temp2 created manually

    i stop the listener!!
    when i start either database thru command line

    oradim -new -sid arvind
    set oracle_sid=arvind
    sqlplus / as sysdba

    the database starts perfectly and users are able to connect (on the same machine only).

    the same when i try to do it through Enterprise manager. the db doesnt start and gives TNS no listener error.
    why is this so? why does it need a listener to connect to a db in the same machine.

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    Dear iinfi,

    The listener is required if users will access a database over a network. It works the same as a web site: you cannot connect to a web site unless it is listening for clients.

    OEM Database Control requires the listener be running. OEM tries to connect using the syntax "name/password@service". Specifying "@service" tells Oracle to run the connection request through the TNS stack and hit the listener.

    Your "oradim" command is only used to add new services to Windows. It does not create a database. As you noted, you created the database usign DBCA. The DBCA always runs "oradim -new -sid xyx" to create the Windows service, so you do not need to manually issue the command.

    I hope this information was useful,

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    thanks a lot for your reply sir.

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