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    Unanswered: using combo box to filter subform text box

    I have a table with about 8 fields. I would like to create a form in which the user could select an option in a combo box, and that option would bring up the data that goes with it from the table into a table in a subform. If I could filter the table data with multiple Combo boxes, that would be even better. Example:

    my table consists of SRM Types; Serial Numbers; ICA; Location; Status; Date; Time

    I would like a combo box that was linked to the "SRM Type" field (which by the way has repeating values but I only want one of each type to show up in the combo box), such that I could select a value, and the information in the other fields corresponding to that value would filter and show up in a table in the subform

    So the values for the "SRM Type" field are LPRM, IRM-A, SRM-A, SRM-B, TIPs.

    If I selected LPRM from the "SRM Type" Combo box, I would want all the LPRMs with all their corresponding data to show up in a table in a subform. I would also like to have another combo box that could filter the "SRM Type" results by another field, such as between two dates, or by "Location" or "ICA"

    A side note: I have never used Access before, and since being assigned this project have been searching help forums and reading training material on Access, but I still have a pretty limited knowledge of vocabulary and how Access actually works.

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    i threw a simple (read: ugly) database together that should get you started with filtering form results based on multiple combo boxes. run the one form in there called frmTest. look at the code behind the afterupdate event of each combobox. I put the comboboxes in the form header and use a continuous form to show the records, but if you're using a subform, it's the same concept. good luck
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