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    Unanswered: Strange problem, report repeat same details

    In my projects in VB6 & database SQL2005, I use a MS Access File in all client computers for the purpose of some special reports. I use crystal report 9. All are fine and OK.
    Now when the clients want to print out report that depend on the local MS Access file, mostly the first report repeat for the second one also.

    An example: The user wants to check his stock balance, he puts the period (FromDate &ToDate) and select his user name from the combobox that I placed in the Form to print report and click print button. The report display correctly. Now if he want to check the balnce of another user or the balance of another period, only the criteria details (user name, FromDate, ToDate, type) come correctly which is passed to the parameters in the report, but the details report display the same details of the first report.
    The strange is when I chcked the table in the MS Access file the data is new and correct. But in the report it come the old one. Mostly this come for the first and second time only. After this if we print report with different criteria all the reports come correctly. If we close the Form for report print and open again the same repeat for first two reports.

    What I do in my project is I collect the data from the main server SQL 2005 and insert into the table in the MS Access table. I alway delete the existing data from the access table before I insert new data. Then I call the report. But for first two times it come repeat. Really this happened about after one year I installed my project. At the time I installed it was correct. About after one year this problem come. Now I face the same problem for my two projects and one of this project is in VB6, SQL 2000, Crystal 6

    I don't know how it is happend? Any idea ?

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    Pl check ur crystal report "save data with report" option also verify the report and printer then its work .


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