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    Unanswered: Delphi 7 connection to Paradox,Oracle,SQLServer and Postgres


    At the moment our application is written in Delphi 7 using BDE to connect to Paradox. But some of our clients will like our application to run on any of the above databases. What is the best generic way to connect to all of these databases? Not at the same moment. One client is maybe running Paradox and the other client is using Postgres. What connection method is the best to use, that does not involve a lot of changes in the application? Without compromising the speed of the application.

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    8 has for these options the best conpoments. For all these databases they use the same structure. It's easy to change the classname of the componment. A other way is using DBExpress, but in D7 it is not very well developed (DBX3 , DBX4 is latest version). devart has also DBX drivers for all these databases (except paradox tables offcourse)..

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