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    Smile Thanks for having me

    Even though I joined several months ago, never made it to this particular forum. So I guess an intro is required. I've been a DBA going back to Sybase and MS SQL 6.5 nearly 10 years ago, and I still need help! Currently running around a dozen servers, all on SQL 2000 SP4. Looking at 2005 or maybe waiting for 2008. I have an opportunity to work with Oracle a little so I'm excited for a new addition to the resume. Work in downtown Chicago. Newer to my job (6 months) after being at my previous employer nearly 20 years. It's kind of nice in new surroundings, new people and new ideas...I promise to try and contribute back as much as I know I'll receive. As the title says, thanks for having me!

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    You're very welcome...

    ...thanks for joining!
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