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    Unanswered: Connecting databases help


    I am very new to mysql. I have two databases which go to separate scripts on my site. one being a video site and another is a forum. Currently members have to register for each script separately.

    What I would like to do is make it so when a member registers for either the video script or the forum they will automatically be registered for the other as well. I am very new to mysql as I said and I would really appreciate the help.

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    if the both db's are on the same physical MySQL server then you should be able to access both db's, assumng that your ISP allows this through their security settings. thgis woulkd enable you to have one db with security settings in. however that begs the question why no have just one db for both sites

    as an alternative, depending on what front end you are using, you could replicate the user account information in both db's by writing to both fromt he same script.. but thats klunky and not a smart idea
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    both databases are through the same host. I have a shared host. With that said I don't know how to go about enabling one db with security settings in.

    well I would like to have one db for both sites but I do not know how to go about redirecting the script to another db. unless when installing the script over I could use a db thats already in place for the other site but I don't think that would allow me to install within that db.

    but yea ultimately I could just copy the info over to the other db but they have different entities within.

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