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    Unanswered: Problem with Crystal Report connection to DB

    I'm at a loss and don't know where to turn. If it's a DB resource problem, maybe posting a description here will get some fresh ideas. My apologies if I'm posting TMI or not enough.

    Web user gets pop-up:
    "CRAXDRD Error Occured on Server 20599. Cannot open SQL Server.".
    This is limited to only 3 reports but it strangly goes away after a while. Until it goes away, no amount of repeated attempts will help (something seems "clogged" in the browser) but *sometimes* a client reboot fixes it. I think it might be DB related because I get reports from different users simultaneously then and from multiple web servers and the problem vanishes simultaneously. Most of the time that is.

    At any given time, in EM I see about 10 - 20 processes "AWAITING COMMAND" status = "SLEEPING" all with my Crystal Report username. I'm wondering if this might be related.

    Some info:
    We probably run about 2,000 reports a day. Most by a scheduler that's VB based. Another probably 300 by the web server requested by users and using the Crystal Reports Viewer activeX control (initiated in Javascript). Viewing the "Last TSQL command" all of these dormant processes are from the web server (as recognized by what VIEW or Stored Procedure they ran).

    My environment:
    Crystal Report 8 running on Windows 2000 Server Std with SQL Server 2000 serving up reports on ASP Server. Crystal uses a "trusted connection" and connects with ODBC. The ASP Server is on the same box as SQL although I have a 2nd ASP server on a test box pointing to the same DB. They serve up the report using Javascript generated by Recrystalize.

    Note: Off the shelf, Recrystalize wasn't cleaning up all it's web objects, now fixed. It's a script reports run after being generated "cleanup.asp".

    Overall; the scheme works beautifully and has for 5 years - with this one glitch.
    Question: How can I get more information on these processes, where they came from, why they're still hanging around, and am I approaching some system threshold from unreleased resources?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
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