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    Unanswered: Xp_cmdshell / Problem With Proxy Account

    Hello All,
    I have problem with nonsystemadmin user / sql user.
    Permission for sql_user for appropriate procs are OK.
    EXEC msdb..sp_set_sqlagent_properties @sysadmin_only = 0
    EXEC master..xp_sqlagent_proxy_account N'SET', N'DOMAIN', N'DOMAINADMINUSER', N'PASS'
    EXEC master..xp_cmdshell 'echo TEST'
    EXEC msdb..sp_set_sqlagent_properties @sysadmin_only = 1

    Result set:
    (0 row(s) affected)

    (0 row(s) affected)

    Msg 50001, Level 1, State 50001
    xpsql.cpp: Error 1314 from CreateProcessAsUser on line 636

    (0 row(s) affected)

    (0 row(s) affected)
    It seems that setting og proxy account as domain admin user is OK, but still have insufficiency of permission.

    Can You help me with this terrible thing? Please, please...

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    I had the same problem, the user needs to be a user in the master database and execute the commands with master as your current db.

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