Hi all,
We're having problems implementing an application on iSeries for a new German client. The iSeries belongs to our client company, who have several UK offices and one in Germany. Each office has its own separate database on the same iSeries. The way we have got German characters (, , , etc) to display correctly on the German users' screens is for them to set codepage to 1141 in their iSeries Access/TN3270 session. So far, so good, we thought, and the German characters seemed to print OK as long as the PRTFs used (each database has its own set) have CHRID(1141 1141).
However: (1) Sometimes, with no change to data or PRTF CHRID, or user CCSID (or anything else we could determine), the German characters on a report would not print correctly, then with no change, would later print OK again. This keeps happening. The printer is used for printing from other applications, too, Word etc. (2) Extracting the data into Excel using the Transfer Data from iSeries add-in corrupts the German characters (on my PC, at least, which is set up for UK English). (3) Our Java/HTML internet application does not show the German characters correctly. (4) We don't really know what problems we are storing up for ourselves with later extracts from the database.
It seems that maybe we should have made some more fundamental changes to allow for a German language database. There's a limit to what we can change, though, with UK databases running on the same iSeries. Can anyone point me towards a solution?
Many Thanks,