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    I've spend several weeks searching the net for help. Hopefully someone can help me.

    I have a 2003 word template that the users will use. When they are done, I want to have a macro button to push to print two bookmarked section within the document to create a cover jacket. The first bookmark will print on the first page and the second bookmark will print on the third page for the cover.

    I have tried so many iterations and get close but never get it.

    The logic was in the macro to open a new temp word document, copy and paste the first bookmark, then go and copy the second bookmark and add that to the same temp word document, then print the temp document and close the temp document without saving it. Also, both bookmarks contain a small .bmp picture that needs to print too.

    I don't expect some one to write the code for me. But am looking for how to copy and paste multiple bookmarks into a new temp word document.

    I appreciate the help.

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    with VBA in Word or Excel, I've always found the smartest approach is to do waht you want and record thats as a macro. then examine the macro afterwards to work out what was going on and make whatever changes are required
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