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    Unanswered: reservation database


    I have a query I could use some clarification on just to make sure my understanding is correct so thanks in advance for any responses.

    I need to create a reservation / availibility database for a number of units which I think will take the following form

    Reservation Number - Identity Column
    Unit ID - Unique ID String (Foreign Key)
    Reservation Start Date - DateTime
    Reservation End Date - DateTime

    I will be performing the following queries on:

    1. Retrieve all Reservation Start and End Dates for each Unit ID
    2. Retrive all Unit ID that do not have a reservation for a user specified date range.

    Can somebody let me know if my table design is the most efficient way to store the data to perform the queries I require?

    The only alternative I can think of is to have a table with a field for each day where a reservation can be made (e.g 365 / year) instead of having a reservation start date and reservation end date.

    This second method the table will be much larger than it probably needs to be but will the query results be performed faster / more efficiently???

    Hope this is clear enough for an answer.


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    is this the final exam or is class just starting?
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    it must be a make-up summer crash course
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    neither...thanks for your comments though! Anybody got anything constructiive to say?

    Even just a one liner to point me on the right track. I've searched a plenty to find an answer to this question. but have seen nothing that reassures me about how to proceed.

    I am a novice (as is apparently obvious) so would appreciate any guidance. This is what these forums are for after all , right?

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    The best way is for you to knock up a quick example of your table, populate it with sample data and then try and write the queries yourself.

    You can even post your attempts back here for critique and further suggestions
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    your table design is fine, it's way better than the other one you were thinking of ("a table with a field for each day where a reservation can be made (e.g 365 / year)")

    you don't actually need Reservation Number - Identity Column but if yo feel more comfortable with it, it's not too bad | @rudydotca
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