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    Unanswered: Does anyone have a standard as to how you store the original source code for CLRs?

    Does anyone have a standard as to how you store the original source code for CLRs? Our concern here is that a developer will have the source code on his desk top and then leaves the company. Thus, the original source code gets lost on his PC never to be found. It appears that this source code does not resided anywhere in the database like a procedure. Unless the more experience people know something that I don't know. Currently, we do not have a repository for this source code. What do you do if you need to make a change and recompile it (and the original programmer has left)? Do you have the developers store the code in a directory somewhere? We don’t have change management here. We really don't have any standards in place. I am currently trying to put some in. I am wondering what others are doing. I am wondering what others have as a process for storing the original code for CLRs.

    If you are using a versioning tool which one do you use? Is it a free one? I have research the various versioning tools because obviously I would like one but unfortunately it doesn't fit into the company's budget.

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    I store CLRs by writing them in SQL.
    What do these CLRs do?
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    no source control = totally screwed up development shop.

    oh wait, my team is not using source control at the moment, but I personally love and embrace chaos.

    I like Source SourceGear's Vault and then there is source safe and team foundation server. The latter has this dangerous "shared" check out thing that I hate with a passion.
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