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    Unanswered: Speed Improvements Over MS Access?

    I have an Access app (split into FE and BE) running for some years, that is now also being used in a second office, connected by a WAN. This office has network problems, as it's over-utilized (97% according to one IT guy!!).

    I'm looking into converting the MDB app into an ADP with a SQL Server backend. To justify the costs involved, I'm trying to get a feel for what spped improvements might reasonably be expected.

    After a lot of searching, I've found a great many sites that say it will (or should) be faster, but I have yet to find any mention of anyone doing it, and whether they were actually able to get speed improvements.

    Has any had some actual personal experience in 'upsizing' from Access to ADP + SQL Server that they could share pls? Or point me to any URLs?

    Max Hugen
    Hugen Enterprises Pty Ltd

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    If you do it right, you should see a vast improvement in speed. The MS Access database engine is really not appropriate for enterprise applications. All the processing is done at the client, so all the data needs to be transferred over the network before processing can even start, and that also causes problems with locking and concurrency in a multi-user environment.
    So, simply moving your tables to a database server is not going to get you a huge improvement. But moving the query processing to the server is going to make it run much faster.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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