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    Unanswered: Backup Tape Failure on SQL2000


    I'm sure to get help from you with my problem. Thanks.

    I'm using MSQL2000 Server Standar Edition (w/SP4) on a WS2003 Standar Edition (Spanish) and the type drive is a Quantum SDLT-600

    I get failed backups with the following error in event viewer:

    Id Suceso: 17055
    18210:BackupTapeFile::UnloadTape: Prepare Tape failure on backup device '\\.\Tap01'. Operating system error 1 (Función incorrecta)

    This messege appears a few hours from the backup is started and I can't get any backup with this tape drive.

    Sometimes the Tape is dismounted from the list of devices connected to the server.

    Any idea will be greatly appreciated

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    Identify hardware failures from reviewing the system event log, and address the findings with the vendor. There have to be posted errors in there, because the function call is the same, and SQL engine just passes the call to the OS, who passes it to the vendor kernel-level API. Most likely there is a problem in that layer.
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