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    Unanswered: Newbie project... Hopefully

    Hi all,
    I am working on a project for my school that will act as my senior project next year. I have a little experience building databases but nothing like this and I just want to be sure that using a database is the way to go.

    I have the scorebooks from the career of the basketball program and would like to enter that information to get the following reports.

    W/L record for the history of the school and W/L record vs each opponent
    Season by season reports that includes the game scores and leading scorers for that season
    Career leaders points/game all time points etc...

    A career report that shows how many points they scored total
    Points/game for each season they played
    Team record for seasons they played

    So really simple really

    hehe anyways is a database the way to go and how difficult will this be? Is this something that I can do with 100hours of effort or is this going to be a nightmare? And is it going to require a ton of VB coding?

    Thanks for any advice!
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    is a database the way to go

    how difficult will this be?
    "Difficulty" is subjective. It depends on how well you know databases.

    Is this something that I can do with 100hours of effort
    Depends on you and how quickly you can write database applications. However, if you know Access pretty well and you know enough about table design and relationships, yes, it would be well under 100 hours. In fact it would be under 20 hours.

    is it going to require a ton of VB coding?
    Almost no coding I'd imagine.
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