In the past I have always had username and password tables within the database and hidden the database window and "locked out" forms programatically . . . not very secure, but secure enough for what I needed.

Now though, I'd like to take a more serious look. I've done some reading, and of course the mdw model gets the ball rolling, but a few things trouble me.
If I am to have a database that is combination
- shared on the network for desktop users
- and replicated/synchronized copies for laptop users

1) How to I make sure that the mdw file gets to all of the appropriate computers.
2) From what I've read, I'll want to verify that the user is logged in using an MDW file programatically, I've seen some samples of how this might be done.
3) I'll have to perhaps programatically close the database or some other such thing if ADMIN or USER are logged in, as those would appear if the user deleted the mdw file and then created a new one?
4) Disabling bypass is a fine option, but I'd rather redefine the bypass to be different keys, is that doable?

I really wish there was a way to ensure that the mdw file exists and is in use whenever the database is distributed. AND, I'd like to eliminate the use of mdw files for my "legacy" databases unless and until I decide to change those databases around - which would take some effort.