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    Unanswered: Check for proper workgroup file on startup

    OK so I've played with the workgroup security a bit.

    I have two problems that I could use help with:
    1. I'd like to have my startup form check that we are using the correct workgroup file. I can pull the currentuser, and I found a way to get a list of the groups (via for next loop and members), but I'd like to check the actual name of the workgroup file, or better yet, the PID of the Workgroup file itself. Is there a function I can use to query the database for that? ie: workgroupuid=application.database.workgrouppid (I know that's not it, but you get what I am looking for . . .)
    2. Once I join a security group, access always starts in shared mode and won't let me edit/create stuff; I have total admin/create privaliges etc, and am the database owner. So to make a change I have to set the workgroup file back to the default, but then I won't be able to test the above or make any changes without constantly setting it back and forth.

    This is access 2003 . . . Any ideas?

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    How to return workgroup ID

    So I figured out how to see the path/file of the workgroup file:
    MsgBox DBEngine.SystemDB
    This will give a path and filename.

    However, it occurs to me that if I could return the workgroup ID, I could programatically check for that to ensure that the appropriate workgroup file is in use, not just one with the right filename or username.

    Alternatively, I guess I could look for some obscure groupname or something.

    How is it that you all are checking to make sure that noone just replaces your workgroup file with something with freer access?

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    I don't. I use MDE's and effectively re-install it on application launch.
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    one thing you can do is supply the workgroup as part of a shortcut to the application.. check the command line switches for Access

    also you could check fo a specific user id on startup.. query the workgroup file and check for that userid with that permission... granted it doesn't stop someone faking that userid in another workgroup file, but if its a fairly menial user id with low permissions its often not spotted, till after the deed is done.

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