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    Unanswered: Adding records to two tables from my form

    Hi all,
    I am building a database in MSAccess of game statistics and am running into an issue that seems like it should be easily fixed but I just cant figure it out so forgive my newbieness.

    In my form I want to use a lookup for opponents as the same 20-30 will show up over and over again but when a new one comes up I want to be able to just type the team name into the form and have it added to the opponents table as a new record with just that name and an autonumber.

    OpponentID - PK (auto#)

    GameID - PK
    OpponentID - FK lookup (one-to-many Relationship)

    So basically my form is going to be based on my games table.

    Hope that makes sence,
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    Check out the On Not In List property of a combo box. That should lead you in the right direction
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