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    Unanswered: How to restore table data

    Hi All,


    I've a table with column XXX having Datatype Varchar2.This table contains data.I have changed the column XXX to Datatype 'Date'.i commited the same.

    But problem when i look in to the table data i lost entire data of that column and was replaced with null values. How to restore the previous data as I didn't take the backup.

    Please provide the solution ASAP.

    Thx & Rgds

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    so you had a column typed as varchar and changed it to date.... Unless you have got a backup of the data I think you are stuffed.

    what you could do is go back to the backup
    drop any indexes
    rename the old column
    create a new column of type datetime
    and then do an SQL update query to coerce the values from the old column to the new datetime column. you may need to use the MySQL date functions to make sure that you do the conversion correctly
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    no way to be back because you don't have back up. I have a friend who is perform drop database statement in a wrong database and cannot rollback also . So lessons learned.

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