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    Hello, I am using Access 2007 at work to control our inventory. We are just starting to use it over our older inventory software. We have one problem with multiple users though. Since I am the Inventory Manager, I am the only person that is supposed to be able to change the database, and then one of our engineers can go look through the database on a read-only basis to look for parts. The problem is that if we put it on a network drive, and give him read access and me full write privileges, and I have the file open and changing things, he cant even open it, says he cant lock the file. And if he has it open and I open it, I cant open it and write to it, just in read only. What is the best way to fix this issue. Thanks for any help.

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    make certain that when they open a form they only open forms in read only mode.. check the users network logon and set permissions appropriately

    make sure you use forms, and not a spreadsheet style dataview/datasheet which locks the table.
    make certtain each person opening the access model is NOT opening it in exclusive mode.... check the settings (whilst you are at it check that no one is using table locks, since Access 2000 record locking is fine.
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