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    Unanswered: Automatic Storage

    DB2 v8.2 FixPack 15

    The system in question does not use the Automatic Storage System. I understand that the Automatic Storage System must be specified during initial database creation.

    Can I drop the database, recreate it with Automatic Storage System enabled, then restore a backup in to it?

    Or, will the restored database still be without the Automatic Storage System in place?

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    Im pretty sure you are limited here to using db2look/db2move to get the data out of the one without auto storage into a db with auto storage

    it doesnt mention your exact scenario in documentation but its pretty explicit that once a database has been created the automatic storage setting cannot be changed in any way.

    Restoring the way you mention would just overlay this type of attribute for the database because the restore basically erases the new database you created and replaces it with the one from the backup image.

    There are redirect scenarios for changing the auto storage but no scenarios on the redirected restore for adding auto storage to a db that previously did not have it.

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    I believe that the restored database will have the same characteristics with regard to automatic storage as the backup. If the backup has automatic storage, you can specify the automatic storage paths on the restore, but you cannot do a normal redirected restore where you specify where each tablespace goes.
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