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    Unanswered: Analysis Services Newbie: Total of Measures is not the sum of its parts

    Need some direction on an issue that seems very strange to me.

    Have build a cube from scratch based on weighbridge transactions
    It contains two measures, "weight" (aggregation sum) and a (transaction) "count" (aggregation count).

    There are various dimensions including collection/delivery locations, material type, time etc. (as well as appliction specific ones, order type, contract, contract party)

    I processed and deployed the cube.
    Browsing the cube (either using Excel or the Cube browser in Visual studio) the grand total of the "weight" and "count" for all the data in the cube is incorrect.

    Breaking the information down by a dimension e.g. material type.
    The grand total of all transactions is wrong (it shows 445,664.224, tonnes and 19046 as a count).
    But if I copy the data rows into Excel and sum them, it gives the correct grand total of 445,863.224 and 19,244 respectively.

    How can the individual rows in the cube be OK, but it give the wrong grand total.

    Any help or just some general ideas would be helpful.

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    Lightbulb The Answer

    Finally found the answer...

    I had to manually trawl through all of the data, find out what data wasnt being aggregated, pinned it down to a particular dimension, then down to one of the measures.

    One of the measures had the "IsAggregatable" set to false instead of true.

    Only lost me a couple of weeks...

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    You have to love slaving for weeks to discover a self-inflicted wound! There's nothing that thrills me quite like that.

    Thanks for coming back and posting the solution. It may well help the next person with a similar problem.


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