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    Smile Protect Your Hosting Business For $24.99 - Read How!

    Our Webhost Reseller Protection Kit 1.0 is the most robust suite of legal forms available in the world today for webhost resellers! Whether you choose to purchase the complete forms package, or invest in individual forms for your specific needs, you too can enjoy the security in knowing that you are protected! This small investment is well worth the peace of mind you get in knowing you are protected!

    Our TOS, AUP, and PP were developed by a veteran lawyer with more than 12 years of experience in all aspects business law, including protection of intellectual property, drafting and negotiation of service contracts, drafting of standard terms and conditions for Web based services, and Web site legal compliance.

    Our legal protection templates will be sent to you in a special download link and in MSWord and PDF file formats.

    For more information or for other legal protection templates, visit us at:

    "Legal Protection for the Hosting Industry"

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    Now this is something I can use. $24.99 is not a bad price. I can always use some protection. Thanks for this information

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    This might be a service that offer to every web hosting reseller with their own company Terms & Conditions.

    It will help to save a lot of time to create the whole intellectual property protection.

    Thank you for the information.

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