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    Unanswered: Counting Text Field in Query

    I have a sports dB where my query looks at the scores and gives me a "win" or "loss" in a results field. I would like to add 2 columns where one would keep a running total of wins and the next a running total of losses so that you see a running W-L record. I also have multiple seasons so Im wondering if it will be possible to keep these running totals by season?

    Hope that made sence.

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    Use an 2 expressions in your query: WinCount: iif([WinLossField]=True,1,0) and LossCount: iif([WinLossField]=False,1,0). Then use another query to sum the WinCount and LossCount values in this query. To do it by season, add in the SeasonField to "group by"
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