I have been trying to use application code to loop a tesult set with absolutely no luck whatsoever. I would like to know if it is possible using some fancy artsy fartsy sql to get this working.

The code below gives me my entire result set which is fine however I need one row for location_name, addr1, and city. All of the other attributes will have 1 and many rows associated with the location_name, city, etc.

, t1.addr1
, t1.city
, t2.name
, t2.email
, t3.w_name
, t3.r_type
, t3.i_type
, t3.disposition
, t3.report
    location AS t1
        Join email AS t2 ON t1.location_id = t2.location_id AND t1.customer_id = t2.customer_id
      Left Outer
        Join report AS t3 ON t1.customer_id = t3.customer_id AND t1.location_id = t3.location_id
  WHERE t3.stamp >= date_sub(now(), interval 1 day) AND t1.customer_id = '1' AND t2.location_id = '66'
My desired first row output would look like:
location_name    addr1    city
somecustomer    1234..   Los Angeles
And the next row:
name    email    w_name    r_type    i_type    disposition    report
tom      a@d..   Jim W      gold       band      A                1
jane     w@f..   Pete        silver      band      A                0
And so on..

Can this be acomplished?