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    Unanswered: Cursor within a cursor in DB2?

    Hi all,

    Can anyone give me an example of how to open a cursor within a cursor?

    If you having working example, can you please post?

    Thank you all

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    Cursors are independent from each other. Just open the 2nd cursor and feed any host variables to it that you like.
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    Please fine below code for opening one cursor under another cursor.
    I may be missing some syntax but the idea is similar.

    open cursor1;
    fetch cursor1
    into v_p_id,v_o_id,v_e_count;

    set p_stat1=SQLSTATE;
    if ( p_stat1 = '02000') then
    set loop2 = 1;
    end if;

    while (loop2 = 0) do

    open cursor2;
    fetch cursor2
    into v_set_id,v_episode_count_by_set;

    set p_stat2=SQLSTATE;
    if ( p_stat2 = '02000' ) then
    set loop3=1;

    while(loop3=0) do

    set of statements....

    fetch cursor2 into ...

    end while ;
    close cursor1;
    fetch cursor1 into ...;
    close cursor2;
    end while;

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    Thank you all very much.

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