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    Unanswered: Table accessed

    DB2 V8

    Is there a way to know when was a table last used?

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    Look in to the LOG file. or if you want to know just the day& time then see the log file properties when it's updated last.

    I'm using db2 in Unix. I'll get the log file and see the properties. It is showing the last updated time.

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    My bad!!!

    I din't tell you, it is a Mainframe Env. What I am looking for is not just 'when was the last time table was updated' but 'when was the last time table was accessed/used?'. Let me know if I am still not clear.

    Is this possible in the first place? Do such stats get stored somewhere in cat tables?

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    You need to use the respective monitor/auditing facilities. Per default, DB2 won't keep track of something like that because it just impacts performance negatively and most of the time no one cares about this information.

    Hence, my question would be: what do you need this information for? Just for entertainment or is there a real business need for it?
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