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    Question Unanswered: Access 2003 & Vista Issues

    I am having a few problems with an access database I have developed in Access 2003 on Windows XP.

    Everything works fine on a form in XP but when I try and run my database on Vista I get #name? errors on fields that use Now(), Date() and Trim functions.

    I have checked the references in code and none are missing.

    Has anybody got any ideas?

    Cheers - Mark

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    None are missing, but my bet is that at least one is the wrong version. I can't remember which one it would be offhand though.
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    Had the same problem.
    Field properties had the default value as DATE()
    I removed the default value from the properties and assigned the DATE in the Form_open().
    It solved the problem

    P.S.: Another field had date assigned both in Default value in Field properties and in Form_open() and it did not have the problem. So the Default Value in Field properties seems to be the problem for me.

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    this sounds like a missing reference. Open a vba module and click tools/references. see if any references are flagged up a missing.
    it may well be Visual Basic for applications

    Whoops just noticed you'd checked this earlier... please ignore the above point

    Do you have more than one version of Access on your computer?

    If you install more than one version of Access under Windows Vista, you’ll run into trouble. It’s a Registry problem: Regardless of which version you open, Access uses the library registered last. Interestingly, Access 2007 will run, after a quick installation fix.

    There are numerous and complicated workarounds, but the best solution is to avoid installing multiple versions of Access on Vista. Better yet, just avoid Vista altogether.
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