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    Unanswered: creating auto search of entries in form for data input


    I would like to create a from for inputing personal data.
    fields in table are ID(primary key, manualy gernerated) Name surname and other personal data.

    I would like to create form that would bring me previous records if would be existing, so that i do not write one person twice in the table.

    1. I would write the ID number and if the number already existed, than complete record from this person would be opened/showed in form.

    2. If I would wite name and/or surname it would search the database for records with that name and i could select if any is ok, and then bring all data

    3. if there I would get no matches, then it would be required that i input all data: ID, name surname and other personal data not mentioned here.

    Thanks for help

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    I had a similar question before. I only applied the process to one textbox, but I don't see why you can't do it with two.

    Don't forget to add setfocus after the bookmark. =D

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    Agreed... just a little bit more logic to it, but the process is essentially the same
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    I designed an application for a call centre where there was a strong requirement for prior client identification. I provided a series of fields for appropriate identifcaton (name, address, telephone, account number and so forth). A command button would populate a list box or combo box with all matching records. If there were none, a new form (or simply another tab page on the same form, if you like) allowed entry of new client information, otherwise selection from the list box simply proceeded to the business of the day (another form or tab page).
    If it is useful and my client agrees, I might be able to make the material availale.

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