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    Unanswered: SSIS on A/A Cluster

    hi there

    we're planning a activ/activ cluster (w2k3) for a sql 2005 environment.

    one node with a sharepoint installation on a sql-instance and on the other one node a web-application-database.
    all what i know is, that on the web-application-instance we need some packages from SSIS. i dont want to make the SSIS as a cluster resource, because it is not recommended, but what i also not want is, to customize the SSIS-packages. this is a job for the developers and not for a dba like me .

    what happens if we switch the sql-instance to one node and this one has no SSIS-installation?!? of course, the packages can work fine, because there are loading into the msdb-database, but what happens, when the developers want to make changes in the package?

    is it better to have a seperat server for SSIS-packages, which can map to the cluster-instance or what is the best practice to handle SSIS in a cluster-environment?

    sorry for my english...and thanks for any answers...

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    SSIS is not cluster aware. Nor is IIS or Sharepoint to my knowledge. There are some workarounds to putting SSIS on a cluster, which basically boil down to manually installing SSIS on each node of the cluster. Google around for SSIS cluster, and you should get something.

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