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    Unanswered: using SQL to update but referencing mulitple tables

    I want to run an update SQL statement that updates only one table but in my where clause I want to reference several tables. So it would look something like this.

    select table1.employee_id, table1.salary, table2.employee_title
    from table1, table2, table3
    where table1.Primary_key=table2.Primary_key
    and table1.employee_name <> specified_name
    and table1.office_number <> specified_office_number
    and table1 etc., etc...........

    I just want to update table 2 but how do I reference the other tables?

    Update table2 <----- (do I specify the other tables here that I am referencing even though I am not updating them)set table2.employee_title

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    You may find the description of this kind of update in this thread:

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