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    Unanswered: Referencing combo box off linked table not working


    I have an Access 2007 database I am building. The tables are linked SQL Server tables.
    I have a form that when I try to reference the value from a combo box in the control source query for another combo box the reference does not work. However, if I import the tables instead of using the linked tables then the reference does work.

    Select ActivityID From MyView Where ProjectID = [Forms]![MyForm]![cboProject]

    So that statement works when the table is an Access table. But not when it is a linked SQL table.
    Any help is appreciated.


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    I've never encountered this kind of thing... I have databases with linked SQL Server tables and I seem to have no problems referencing combo boxes on forms from a query... as long as the combo box is correctly bound.

    I know that's not much help, but sometimes any response is better than no response

    What happens if you open the form, select something from the Project combo box and then use just [Forms]![MyForm]![cboProject]? Does it give you the results you expect?
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