Oracle Applications Developer
across the river from Lousville, Kentucky).

A. Perform full system life cycle development for many different software systems and in support of existing NPC processes. These systems are to be developed in the client/server environment or as localized applications. Some applications shall be web-enabled.

B. Tools used for software development shall include: using Visual Basic 6, Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic 2005 PRO, Crystal Reports 8/9, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i or 10g, Java, ASP, XML, and HTML as dictated by local compatibility requirements and best development practice.

C. Contractor shall maintain a test area and a production area, and Contractor shall maintain version control of each project in Visual SourceSafe. Once the requirements are documented and prototypes are developed, Contractor shall follow an interactive process during the development and test phases. Upon completion, Contractor shall conduct system acceptance tests and Contractor shall gain local customer approval. Contractor shall have experience with large scale survey processing. Contractor shall be available to work during NPC business days and provide notification of leave well in advance. Contractor shall be able to communicate with both technical and non-technical customers.


A. Minimum/General Experience: This position requires a minimum of six years experience in developing Oracle applications in a production environment.

B. Specialized Experience: Specialized experience in Oracle 9i or 10g is required, plus

i. Comprehensive development of large-scale data capture applications;
ii. Extensive development of Oracle forms and reports, including Discoverer;
iii. Development using Java, ASP, XML, and/or HTML;
iv. Hands-on experience with real-time transactional processing;
v. Hands-on experience in assisting junior developers in creating and supporting production applications.

C. Functional Responsibility: Analyzes business processes; develops, tests and supports data capture applications and reports. Coordinates the release of new applications into production. Trains and supports end-users.

D. Minimum Education: B.S. degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field, or four additional years of related IT experience in lieu of a degree.