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    Unanswered: connect by - performance/ alternate options

    hi, we are storing hierarchical data in Oracle databasse. we are planning to use connect by to retrieve hierarchial data using a single query. I read on internet that connect by cause full table scan and impacts the performance. Is this performance of the query dependant on the number of rows in a table or the number of levels in a node. We have different sets of tree data. For example, a tree can have many nodes. Does the performance impact based on how many levels a node has or is it dependent on the number of nodes i.e., for example a tree may have 2500 nodes, but max no of levels can be not more than 6 from root? Which one impacts the performance (the no of total nodes or the max no of levels?)

    Do we really need to worry about performance using connect by? Is there any alternate options?


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    Why do you prefer to trust feedback from unknown stangers over simply performing your own reproduciable benchmarks test runs?
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