I am trying to complete the SQL replication configuration on two of my servers.

1 SQL 2000 server in London
1 SQL 2000 server in Paris
Connected over a VPN. I need to have data replicated between the two servers with a polling interval time of 1-5 seconds. I have setup the replication and everything looks fine however the polling interval is 60 seconds regardless of the amount of data modified . How can I change this?

I have looked into the command:
Logread –pollinginterval 5 –distributorlogin *** -distributorpassword *** -publisher 1 –publisherdb *** - publisher ***

but no luck. I end up with an error code:

The process could not connect to server ***
status: 0, code 22007, Text: The process could not create ‘IRep1Dist Interface’.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.