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    Webinar- Data Privacy is Not an Option

    Hello everyone,

    I just came across an interesting upcoming webinar on 'Data Masking', which is to be held on August 27th at 11am PST. The speaker is Julie Lockner, Vice President of Sales Operations. She has more than 10 years of industry experience in engineering, sales and marketing with companies including Oracle, Verbind, Raytheon and EMC.

    The Webinar is about creating non-production clones of enterprise applications for testing, development, or training. Data masking is a necessary process but using live data increases the risk of data loss. Maintaining data privacy in non-production environments is an important step in the IT governance chain that will keep your sensitive data private and your corporate reputation intact.

    Data masking is a proven strategy to obscure specific fields that identify an individual, thereby exposing customers or employees to identity theft or other forms of privacy invasion.

    For registration please visit Data Privacy is Not an Option and register for free.

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    Information security is very important for a company whether it is internal or external. Whether you call it data security, Content Loss Prevention or simply Information Security, the time has come to take steps to protect your company's data privacy.(Web Conferencing, Remote Support Software - RHUB Appliances) is ideal for Webinar software and service.

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