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    Unanswered: Pervasive DB Connection


    We are the Dealer for PeachTree Acc. Software for Sri Lanka and recently we tried to write an add-on module for a customization and that needed a separate DB.
    But I am having a problem to hook-up the custom DB to pervasive.

    Pervasive 9.2 Client is installed with PeachTree automatically. So we cannot go to PCC and attach the database of configure the Database.
    Instead what we are doing now is installing pervasive 9.6 workgroup to the same computer and attach the database.

    But when creating the instalation for the custom module we are in trouble.
    Since we cannot ask the client to but Pervasive WG for this purpose.

    Please advice us to get rid of this issue.
    We are using OLEDB connection to connect to the Pervasive from the custom module.

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    You're right, the PCC is not installed by Peachtree. The PVSW install they use is a very minimal install.
    You can use DTO/DTI to create the database name/data source name from within your application or during installation. It does not require the PCC and would work with PSQL as it's installed by Peachtree. Check out the Pervasive web site ( for more information about DTO/DTI.
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