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    Unanswered: Using variable in recordset?

     recordset = Database.OpenRecordset("SELECT A, B FROM Table WHERE A = Variable") 
    Is it possible to use a variable in recordset?

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    yes depending on the variable type you would use the following synatx

    for a string
    dim mystr as string
    mystr = "Test"
    ("SELECT A, B FROM Table WHERE A = " & "'" & mystr & "'")
    the quotes are on the left and right of my test are actually a double , single, and then double " ' " - like this but no spaces

    for a number
    dim mynum as integer or you could just say
    dim mynum (which is the same as dim mynum as variant)
    mynum = me!txtnumfield (if you are referncing a field on the current form)
    ("SELECT A, B FROM Table WHERE A = " & mynum)

    for a date you need to parse in the # symbol
    dim mydate
    mydate = Date
    ("SELECT A, B FROM Table WHERE A = #" & mydate & "#")
    Dale Houston, TX

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    Awesome. Thanks.

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