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    In a pivot table is there anyway you can get the percentage by Group for instance

    Admin 1
    Site 1
    Site 2
    Site 3
    Admin 2
    Site 1
    Site 2
    Site 3
    Admin Total

    repeat above groupin but for consultants

    I want it so that next to each site i have the value and also the % value of that amount in relation to total Admin cost
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    Howdy. Yes, that can be done, but it takes a little to do this and moving elements around. Will you be doing this frequently? The reason I ask is that this can be done much more efficiently using VBA to construct the Pivot tables, and then you have much greater flexibility in working with the data as well as formatting. And if changes need to be made, they can be made faster using this approach. Check out Chapter 12 of the book VBA and Macros for MS Excel by Bill Jelen (Mr Excel) and Tracy Syrstad. Superb book, and they give actual code to accomplish most of the difficult work.
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