I has production server and testing server. and testing server I has clone from hot backup data tape.

Now at my testing server it can run like production server. this is my step at

production server :
-create pfile from='/data/initaclprod.ora'
-atler dabase backup controlfile to trace
- Edit pfile and cr_control.sql by according to my testing server

testing server :
-copy all data file, redolog file,controlfile, and archivelog file
-startup nomount pfile='/data/initaclprod.ora'
-recover database backup controlfile until cancel;
- and I apply all archivlog file and I type Cancel;
-Alter database open resetlogs;

now data is ok!

but I has one question:

If I need new data by take from my hotbackup at production server , what can I do? because today I testing by copy all datafile,redolog file to replace old , then I can't open database.

Can u help me?