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    First I am not a programer
    I have a database that has a field called docdate2 - it is a date field. I am trying to get a count of records between two date (example 1/1/06 and 12/31/06)
    Does anyone have any ideas what command I would type to do this?

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    There are a variety of ways to get a count of records.

    One approach would be to run the COUNT command on your data table (note - not 'database'):
    SELECT MyTable
    COUNT docdate2 TO mnRecCount WHERE BETWEEN(docdate2, CTOD("01/01/2000"), CTOD("02/15/2008"))

    You should spend some time with the VFP Help window learning about the command & functions:

    You can also consider using a SQL Query to get your count of records.
    SELECT COUNT(docdate2) FROM MyTable WHERE BETWEEN(docdate2, CTOD("01/01/2000"), CTOD("02/15/2008")) INTO CURSOR RecCnt

    Good Luck

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