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    Unanswered: Bzip2 size constraints?

    Does anyone know if there are any size limitations with bzip2? I couldn't find any online?

    Also, are there any size limits on the other compression methods like gzip or compress?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Depends on the version
    A few years back most programs sufferd with the 2GB limit
    Here are 2 links complaining about bzip2

    Consider using 7-zip
    It beats bzip2 in time and size
    Here is a test I've done on a 1GB log file (plain text)
    					 size	  zip%	mm:ss.n	zipped size
    AP_send_20080717.log	           1105986047	 0.00%	#N/A	#N/A	
    gzip -1				     62949561	94.31%	00:26.6	||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||	Deflate method
    bzip2 -1			     31637027	97.14%	05:31.8	|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||		Burrows-Wheeler block sort-ing algorithm
    gzip -9				     29785817	97.31%	01:52.1	|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||		Deflate method
    7z -mx=1			     22776486	97.94%	01:07.0	||||||||||||||||||||||		Lempel-Ziv based algorithm
    7z -mx=1 -m0=lzma:d=4m:lc=4:fb=128   12638145	98.86%	01:32.6	||||||||||||			Lempel-Ziv based algorithm
    bzip2 -9			     11632622	98.95%	08:56.5	|||||||||||			Burrows-Wheeler block sort-ing algorithm
    7z -m0=ppmd:o=32:mem=29		      9942841	99.10%	02:50.3	|||||||||			PPM-based algorithm (very good for plain text files)
    For database dumps I find this best for me (speed & compression)
    7z -mx=1 -m0=lzma:d=4m:lc=4:fb=128

    Another site doing a far greater job to compare than me is:

    PS. The vesions used in my tests
    gzip 1.3.5
    bzip2 1.0.2
    7-Zip 4.57
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    Thanks for the info and links.

    We have bzip2 version 0.9.0c at work and don't have 7z..

    And unfortunately we are unlikely to upgrade as we are about to be bought by another company

    I'll just have to make due I guess.

    Thanks again!

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