Hi all

I am looking for a simplified description f the steps including pre-requisite for restoring a Database in it oerational entirety using ONLY tablespace backups. Do I need to have a prior FULL database backup before the tablespace backups? I would think that I do, right? What other system tablespaces beside syscatspace do I need, if any?.

And finally, I need to be able to compare and contrast UDB v8 and v9 FULL database restore procedures hopefully with examples how it is done. For example, my reading shows that DB2 UDBv9 has a database rebuild feature restoring a complete database or a subset of its tablespaces using a set of restore operations like this example:

db2 restore db DB_NAME rebuild with all tablespaces in database taken at BK3
db2 rollforward db DB_NAME to end of logs
db2 rollforward db DB_NAM stop

What is the equivalent step of doing the same full database restore using tablespace in DB2 UDBv8.2?

Do I need to restore tablespace individually for the full compliment of the database as opposed to three statements for v9 to do the same scope of work? This is my main question now?

Can anyone be of assistance? I need to write this up before 8:30 AM. So, I'll appreciate some helpful response as soon as anyone can provide it...