We have a problem with one of our MySQL databases. It's fairly large in size (about 10gig uncompressed).

We are getting occasional errors which cause MySQL to crash. The error (which I will include below) states problems with database page corruption. The service will always start again immediately and then run for some period of time before a similar crash. The error always seems to be centred around the same table.

Having looked around the web for hour for an answer, I have tried the following with no success

1. Backed up the entire database, and then restored it as a new database, thinking that this would rebuild the tables and thus get over any corruption problems.

2. Completely re-installed MySQL, created new Database and restored (so new innodb files and the works - completely fresh install) - this fixed the problem for about a week, and then it came back...

3. Tried various checkes, repairs and optimisations on indexes and tables that the problem seems to relate to (nb its always the same table).

3. Ran full memory and disc checks on the server. Came back with no reported errors.

4. Tweaked various memory and other config settings in My.ini, up down, sideways inside and out...!

MySQL is running on a server with an Intel Xeon 2.3ghz, 4gig RAM and Windows Server 2003. Other than a rarely used training database copy of the problem DB, there are no other databases on the server.

Here is the error from the mysql error logs...

080729 10:11:21 InnoDB: Page checksum 3010074717, prior-to-4.0.14-form checksum 3754596378
InnoDB: stored checksum 694049083, prior-to-4.0.14-form stored checksum 3754596378
InnoDB: Page lsn 2 3819644340, low 4 bytes of lsn at page end 3819644340
InnoDB: Page number (if stored to page already) 770310,
InnoDB: space id (if created with >= MySQL-4.1.1 and stored already) 0
InnoDB: Page may be an update undo log page
InnoDB: Page may be an index page where index id is 0 909
InnoDB: (index PRIMARY of table database_live/entity)
InnoDB: Database page corruption on disk or a failed
InnoDB: file read of page 770310.
InnoDB: You may have to recover from a backup.
InnoDB: It is also possible that your operating
InnoDB: system has corrupted its own file cache
InnoDB: and rebooting your computer removes the
InnoDB: error.
InnoDB: If the corrupt page is an index page
InnoDB: you can also try to fix the corruption
InnoDB: by dumping, dropping, and reimporting
InnoDB: the corrupt table. You can use CHECK
InnoDB: TABLE to scan your table for corruption.
InnoDB: See also InnoDB:
InnoDB: about forcing recovery.
InnoDB: Ending processing because of a corrupt database page.