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    Unanswered: Return Parameter values from Form


    I have written a db thta runs multiple reports all of which must be date ranged and I am now trying to make the run process smoother I have set up a form with a lower and upper date field and a series of option buttons to select which reports to run. I have written the code below off a button to run the report which I can then repeat this works fine.

    Private Sub Command46_Click()

    Dim stdocname As String
    stdocname = "Delivery Prior Quotation"
    If Me.Delivery_Prior_Quotation.Value = -1 Then
    DoCmd.OpenReport stdocname, acViewNormal

    End If

    End Sub

    My question is can I make the dates from the form return to the parameter values the report requests??

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    Change your query to point at that form.
    SELECT some_field
    FROM   some_table
    WHERE  some_field = Forms!...
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    can I make the dates from the form return to the parameter values the report requests?
    Replace your parameters with references to form controls:

    Between Forms!ReportingDialogName!StartDateControlName And Forms!ReportingDialogName!EndingDateControlName
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