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    Unanswered: Oracle - Cognos - ODBC

    Hi all

    We rolled a new windows xp pc to replace a very old one.
    The old PC is running a congos impromptu application and the
    data is on a oracle server.

    I have been trying to install the cognos application on the new PC.
    I am using the same software that was installed on the old PC
    Oracle client 8.1 and congos version 5.

    I have installed Oracle Client 8.1 and have tested the connection
    to an oracle database with sqlplus and it connects.

    I have installed congos impromptu version 5 and ran the sample jobs and it runs fine.

    I set up the ODBC connection with the same name that is used in the
    tnsnames file.

    However when I go to test the connection via congos I get the following error
    Error number -45:

    DMS-E-YV_SGINOTSUPP, The database type 'attach database' associated with the database name '2' is not supported.
    DMS-E-DBDLL_NOTFOUND, The dynamic link library '<unknown>, check INI file' could not be located in the search path.

    I have read other post on this site with this same issue but the resolution
    to this either was not posted back or did not apply

    Any one have any idea .. or wish to email me and I can send screen prints
    If that would help Hope to chat with someone soon.


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    Unfortunately I do not yet have the answer to this myself but am faced with a similar challenge. I can start up Impromptu 5 no problem on XP, and connect to a Oracle 9.2 database using ODBC (as opposed to an Oracle configuration - the use of the Oracle connection (from within Impromptu) was throwing the errors you mentioned for me).

    It's when I attempt to open an exisitng catalog (that is also configured with the same ODBC connect data) that I have a problem. It throws an error that there is an error with the catalog - not too helpful.

    In Impromptu did you try using ODBC instead of the Oracle configuraton?

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    yes I tired setting up the ODBC in cognos and ran the test and it worked
    but when I go to run the report I get the same DMS-DBDLL_Notfound error

    if anyone else might know why this id happening or what I'm doing wrong please let me know


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