I have been ask to help write a site that is flash and ASP
i'm doing the ASP part but one of the problem I had was is
the ASP getting the right info

in flash you can

do something like

login_lv.username = login_txt.text;
login_lv.password = password_txt.text;
login_lv.SendAndLoad("Checklogin.asp",login_lv,"Po st");

flash will wait until it get something back you don't see the asp working

so what i did was ....

Sub WriteFormData()
Filename = Server.MapPath("Form.txt")
Line = ">>> Form Start <<<" & vbnewline
For Each x In Request.Form 
	Line  = Line & x & "="  & Request.Form(x) & vbnewline
Line  = Line & ">>> Form End <<<" & vbnewline
WriteToFile Filename,line,True 
End Sub
function WriteToFile(FileName, Contents, Append)
on error resume next
if Append = true then
   iMode = 8
   iMode = 2
end if
set oFs = server.createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set oTextFile = oFs.OpenTextFile(FileName, iMode, True)
oTextFile.Write Contents
set oTextFile = nothing
set oFS = nothing

end function
the above code will append to a text file call form.txt
and write all the form request names and data to that files

to use

Paste the code to the bottom of the asp file.
the at the top just call the

Call WriteFormData

now each the the page is call it will append the text file.

hope this help somebody as this made my flash to ASP coding easyer