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    Unanswered: setting visibility of object in parent form from subform

    The code below, for a textbox in a subform, doesn't work. No error messages appear but it doesn't make the button in the parent form appear either.

    Private Sub studentID_GotFocus()

    [Forms]![ovCountM]![btnManage].Visible = Yes

    end sub
    Is the syntax wrong or are there other elements that affect visibility? Thanks!

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    found the solution.

    should be

    [Forms]![ovCountM]![btnManage].Visible = True
    silly me.

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    There is another way to be a little more generic. Using the code below will allow you to change the name of the main form without breaking your code. Also, you will be able to use this same subform in multiple main forms (probably not as likely):


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