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    Angry Unanswered: Access 2007 won't open unbound forms.

    Hi Everyone.
    I have inherited a database which was originally created in Access 2000. It has since been converted to Access 2003 (with some effort - there's a lot of VBA in there) and it worked fine. I now have to continue development in 2007 and I find that some of the forms won't open in 2007. They are all unbound forms. They will open in design mode, but not in form view or layout view. This is true when I try to open them via VBA or just by clicking on them in the DB window. It is also true if I convert the database to 2007 format. I have looked at the properties of these forms and I see nothing resembling "enabled = NO."
    Has anyone else seen something similar? What did you do??


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    So the forms open ok if you open them via Access 2003 (or Access 2000) but they won't open ok if you open them via Access 2007?

    Since I've just started working with Access 2007, I can't say I've experienced this problem specifically with 2007 yet but I have had similar issues with having 2 versions of Access (non-2007) on the same computer. I ended up opening the mdb using the /decompile option, deleting the culprit form(s), re-importing the forms from one mdb into the "corrupt" mdb, and then "immediately" compiling the code after re-importing.
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    Ah the wonderous thing called Access 2007. Works fine IF you don't upgrade databases from previous versions.

    Has anyone else seen something similar? What did you do??
    Not that critical, but yes. Every single database that I have converted to 2007 ends up with problems. Now, I always:

    * convert the database to ACCDB.
    * give up hope of fixing it even though I haven't yet found a problem
    * create a new ACCDB
    * import all the objects into it from the "converted" database.
    * compile
    * compact and repair
    * pray

    Even then there are minor issues to fix, but at least they are minor.
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    Thanks for your replies...
    Yes - the forms work fine on 2000 and 2003. The two versions of Access (2003 and 2007) are not on the same computer. I have since cloned a separate version of the database to that has never been touched by 2003 so I can work on the conversion, but the situation there is the same. We are in the process of upgrading to O2007, so soon we will have no 2003 machines left.

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