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    Unanswered: Why 'localhost' works but '' does not work

    Hello ALL,

    I install MySQL on a Linux server (ip:, and use following Java code to create a connection to the server via mysql-connector-J.
    String url="jdbc:mysql://localhost/QueryTask_Answer";
    //String url="jdbc:mysql://";
    String databasesuser="root";
    String password="";
    con=Driver.Manager.getConnection(url, databaseuser, password);
    This code works well when it runs locally on the machien (ip:, with the following line

    String url="jdbc:mysql://localhost/QueryTask_Answer";
    but not when replace the line with the following line
    String url="jdbc:mysql://";
    It is strange that the two cases almost the same except the experssion of ip address. I do not know why.
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    check what permissions have been granted to that user for what ip addresses.
    examine any error messages and see what they are trying to tell you.

    after that I'd suggest we move this post to the JAVA forum, as you are probably more likely to resolve such JAVA problems there
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